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Business Solutions for COVID-19

We can upgrade your current access control (replace your current biometric or RFID card reader) or install a new one that:

  • supports no contact facial recognition
  • has a built-in temperature sensor/ thermal scanner
  • has a mask detection module

These features promote safer entry flow and provide the following advantages:

  • faster thermal scanning during entry
  • avoid crowding and maintain distancing in the queue
  • reducing contact between staff and/or customers.

A walk-through metal detector with a thermal scanner and mask detector would be great for malls, supermarkets, hospitals, schools and other high traffic establishments.

UVC disinfection can be used as a supplement to help inactivate the virus.

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Uniview OET-213H-BTS1-BD and optional stand EP-S31-W-NB

Face Recognition Access Control Terminal with Digital Detection Module with optional Mounting Bracket

Overview and Applications

OET-213H-BTS1-BD digital detection face recognition access control terminal has a precise recognition rate, large storage capacity and fast recognition, which integrates UNV face recognition technology and non-contact temperature detection technology. The digital detection module supports rapid body temperature detection. Thus, the product can achieve face recognition and temperature detection at the same time, and support warning people with abnormal body temperature. It can be widely applied in crowded places, such as smart communities, schools, office buildings, hospitals and other important areas.

  • Non-contact detection of wrist temperature, support warning people with abnormal body temperature
  • Support the detection of wrist distance, improve the accuracy of temperature measurement
  • Support body temperature detection and personnel information binding, which can quickly confirm personnel information and do body temperature detection
  • Support configure temperature detection threshold value, and personnel access authority can be configured through temperature detection threshold value
  • Non-contact wrist temperature detection module, the measurement range is between 30℃ to 45℃, measurement accuracy can reach 0.1℃, measurement deviation is less than or equal to 0.3℃, and measurement distance is between 1cm to 4cm
  • Deep learning algorithm model based on UNV independent intellectual property rights, face recognition accuracy rate > 99%, false rate < 1%
  • Built-in deep learning dedicated chip, supports local offline recognition, 10,000 face capacity, face whitelist (1∶ N)
  • Fastest recognition time 0.2 seconds, various model merge mode are used to reduce false rate and increase pass rate
  • WDR, 2MP (1080P) low illumination wide-angle camera and F1.6 large aperture lens for capturing high quality image with various complex lighting scenes
  • Support anti-spoofing detection based on deep learning algorithm, effective against fraud such as photo and video
  • Support face metering and human metering for fast adapting to ambient light
  • Suggested height for face recognition: between 0.8m and 2.2m, face recognition distance: 0.2m to 2.9m
  • Support screen sleep mode, keep the minimum brightness to prevent glare at night
  • Support add up to 6 photos of the base library for a single person
  • Support video capture, support ONVIF protocol
  • Support face, card, and QR code authentication to control door open
  • Two-way audio with indoor monitor
  • Built-in 4G EMMC front end storage, stable and reliable, up to 8,000 events capacity (with images)
  • Support tamper protection, support door open timeout and time exceed alarm function to keep door opening during fire alarm active
Uniview CW180

Integrated wrist temperature screening system

Overview and Applications

The CW180 realize the function of rapid temperature screening in airports, ports, high-speed railway stations, passenger transport stations, government buildings, financial institutions, hospitals, shopping malls, high-end office buildings, large industrial parks and other places with large staff turnover to effectively avoid cross-infection.

  • Automatic temperature screening, the demo video is played continuously for 24 hours
  • Accurate temperature screening
  • Support voice linkage, real-time alarm of people with fever
  • Real-time snapshot of human face during temperature screening
  • Support no mask reminder
  • Support real-time statistics of total number of temperature screening, normal and abnormal number of people
  • Support to export temperature screening data report
  • The APP can receives the alarm of abnormal body temperature, also can view the facial snapshot and temperature
  • Reduce labor costs
Uniview OPD-533TM

Digital and Metal Detector Security Gate

Overview and Applications

OPD-533TM is a walk-through security gate with metal detection and temperature measurement functions. OPD-533TM can detect tiny metals with high accuracy and offers an LCD screen for easy operation. Its non-contact temperature measurement helps epidemic prevention and control. OPD-533TM can be widely applied in universities, office buildings, communities, hospitals, etc.

  • A highly sensitive metal detector that can pinpoint locations of metals, adjustable sensitivity levels allow effective detection of banned objects.
  • The numbers of alarms and people passing the gate are displayed on an LCD screen in real-time.
  • Multi-zone alarm at the same time.
  • Password protection can prevent unauthorized configuration.
  • Non-contact temperature measurement on the wrist can sound an alarm when a high temperature is detected.
  • 30℃~45℃ measurement range, high accuracy (precision to 0.1℃, measurement deviation ≤0.3℃), 1cm~3cm measurement distance.
  • Modular design, easy to install.
Mobile UV Light Room Sterilizer

UV Germicidal Light

Overview and Applications

UV and Ozone for double disinfection to kill germs and viruses. Use in Homes, hospitals, schools, factories, stations, offices, cinemas, restaurants, gyms, bars, and small venues.

  • Input Voltage: 220V 50/60HZ
  • Power: 80W
  • Wavelength: 254+ 185nm with Ozone 
  • Material: coated steel + Quartz Glass
  • Size: 730*220*275mm
  • Sterilization Area: for <= 80 sqm
  • Timer: 15/30/60 mins
  • With remote control
  • Function: auto-off, start delay
  • Lamp lifespan 8,000 hours

UV Germicidal Light

Overview and Applications

UV-C ultraviolet rays can destroy the DNA and RNA molecular structures of microorganisms or viral cells, kill growing cells and/or regenerative cells for sterilization and disinfection. In particular, ultraviolet light
in the 240nm-280nm band is the most effective sterilization band. Use in Homes, hospitals, schools, factories, stations, offices, cinemas, restaurants, gyms, bars, and small venues.

  • High efficiency: the sterilization rate reaches 99% in 30 minutes (disinfection technical specifications: the highest height of the microorganism inactivation test is 2m)
  • Safe: Start delay is 60 seconds; if someone (or animal) is detected to accidentally break-in, it will immediately turn off the light and turns on again 60s after the person leaves
  • OSRAM high-efficiency
    ultraviolet light source (254nm wavelength ultraviolet)
  • No ozone produced.

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