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Access Control Systems, RFIDs and Intruder Detection

Access Control is the locking and releasing of doors through software authentication means rather than a traditional key. Some features of Access Control include:

  • RFID cards, where a serial number is embedded on a small chip in the card,
  • Biometrics, where a person’s fingerprint is linked to a serial number.
  • Facial recognition which replaces cards and biometrics.
  • Access control can be integrated with video surveillance and Fire Detection Systems. 
  • Access levels can be assigned to staff allowing entrance only to assigned areas or only during specific hours
  • The Access Control system also provides a complete time and attendance record as well as a Visitor Management system 
  • Vehicle Entry via RFID for Subdivisions and Parking Facilities via Passive RFID stickers

An Intrusion Alarm System can identify and alarm when there is unauthorized entrance or intrusion in an office or building. The system consists of PIR Motion Detection Sensors as well as window or door contact sensors that alert a wired or wireless panel of an intrusion event. The panel will in-turn set off an audible alarm and notify security using an SMS message to a mobile phone or a recorded call.

The Alarm System can be integrated with the Access Control and CCTV systems. 

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